Race Car Coolers

Project Update

We've been working on this RACECARCoolers project for 9 years. Each of you will literally be a partner in this project as "WE" bring RACECARCoolers to fans worldwide. Manufacturers have been selected to produce RACECARCoolers. While we are so close to entering production, your contribution will get our project up and running. You are a vital part of this exciting project. Three race teams are interested in granting licensing. They see the high potential and will, of course, grant licensing with respect to your pledges.
  • Necessary production tooling needs to be constructed by tool and die maker.
  • Blow molder is ready to mold when tooling is complete.
  • Graphics company waiting for orders from us.
  • Web site is complete and live.
  • Shipping boxes ordered to exact specifications.
  • Meetings with USPS representatives for shipping and rates.
  • Warehouse ready for finishing, assembly, packaging, distribution.

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